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Virtual Donor Event Design | Strategies for Major Donors, Prospects & Alumni | Donor Cultivation Event Facilitation


My toolbox includes meeting platforms, spatial audio sites, interactive polling and quiz platforms, such as: 

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Design Virtual Donor Engagement Events and Experiences

I design and create your online donor cultivation events and turn them into successful memorable experiences that your major donors, prospects, and alumni will love! 

Designing Online Donor Engagement Strategies
I will partner with you to maximize donor engagement and relationships in the virtual space. I will help you boost your major gifts fundraising and 


  • Partner with you to set online donor event goals, including purpose, donor audience, event theme and format.

  • Design an interactive and engaging online donor experience that incorporates effective facilitation techniques to increase participation and donor satisfaction. 

  • Utilize the best online platforms and online tools to maximize donor engagement and impact.

  • Incorporate best practices in major gifts fundraising to deepen partnerships with major donors and funders online.

  • Help you recruit your online donor event volunteer team.

  • Advise you on soliciting sponsorships for the virtual donor event.

  • Guide you in donor outreach and event marketing strategy to maximize attendance and expand your donor base.

  • Develop a post-event donor engagement strategy.

Facilitating Donor Cultivation Events

I will serve as the tech producer of your event and train your staff in running successful online experiences. I will 

  • Develop a detailed production timeline for each event to assure seamless flow and time management, including sequences, times, and roles.

  • Personalize the online experience for your donors, prospects, and alumni.

  • Provide event reminder drafts and technical information for registered guests to facilitate a smooth online experience.

  • Coach your team in effective and professional visual presentations online (background, lighting, camera), and online facilitation.

  • Serve as the online donor event tech host during the event.

Training professionals

My passion is to share my experience with you and train fundraisers to become virtual donor relationship builders. Learn more about the Virtual Donor Event Training

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