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A Synergy and Team-Centered Approach to Philanthropy to empower innovative, visionary nonprofits, funders and professionals to realize long-term impact.

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A boutique fundraising and philanthropy firm founded by Tanja Sarett, CFRE and AFP Master Trainer.

Synergies In Philanthropy Consulting works to empower innovative, visionary nonprofits, funders and professionals in the U.S., Europe, and Israel to realize long-term impact. It specializes in developing effective and creative solutions that are uniquely right for you and your organization. 

We can help you get there because we’ve already helped many other organizations reach their goals. We do so by leveraging the synergies within organizations and blending consulting with facilitation and coaching techniques. 

Our Team

Tanja Sarett, MA, CFRE - I’m a highly experienced nonprofit professional turned consultant with more than 20 years of experience working with nonprofits and foundations in the U.S, Germany and Israel.

I bring to each assignment a breadth and depth of experience and creativity, and a practical perspective on what’s manageable and doable at a given time with available resources. As advisor, strategist, and coach, I help you take your work to a new level.


Affiliate Senior Consultants - I draw on my connections with many excellent professionals who partner with Synergies In Philanthropy Consulting on projects to best serve you.

As a Partner, I am part of a collaborative of senior consultants and professionals serving nonprofit organizations and funders. 

I am a Managing Director at Carter, Advancing Philanthropy Worldwide and part of its team of philanthropy specialists. The global firm was founded by Bob Carter, one of the world’s most respected, experienced and recognized experts in the areas of Institutional Strategy and Philanthropy.

7 Reasons to Work with Synergies In Philanthropy Consulting:

1. We’ve been where you are: 
We’ve lived and breathed the beauty and the hardships of creating impact and bringing change to our communities. We’ve gone through our own up-and-downs, faced tough situations and wrestled with solutions, worked through rejections and recessions, celebrated milestones, and learned how to be thoughtful and strategic growth and change agents.


2. We have varied experience:
With start-up and legacy organizations of different sizes; with organizations that have a regional focus to organizations working on the national and international level; with organizations headquartered in the U.S. or abroad; with funders and with nonprofits.


3. We have honed skills in key areas driving your mission, and we’ve learned to understand and leverage the important synergies between fundraising, PR, marketing, mission/programming, organizational development, and, yes, leadership.

4. We’ve done more with less, and then raised more money:
We’ve experienced the day-to-day nonprofit reality of juggling opportunities for change with the resources available. And we’ve raised money from many sources, so our organizations could do even more.


5. We can invest philanthropic dollars, too.
We’ve deepened our knowledge and understanding as foundation professionals, learning how to maximize impact and create invaluable synergies between those who dedicate their careers and those who dedicate their hearts to making a positive change in the world. 


6. We have global expertise: 
In working with European/German-speaking and Israeli charities to help them secure funds in the U.S. and adopt best practices in philanthropy. We "speak" the languages of philanthropy and are international specialists, 

7. We’ve worked with, and in, diverse and multicultural teams, and we welcome the synergies that come from teams composed of people from different backgrounds and experiences.

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