Coaching | Advising | Assessing 



Individual Coaching Sessions:
I  will work with ambitious, growth-oriented professionals on developing their leadership abilities, setting and meeting goals, and maximizing their effectiveness. If that describes you, I would love to help you on your professional journey. 

Fund Raise 4 Success Coaching Program:

I offer a coaching program for new fundraising professionals and development professionals who recently took on a new role. If you are highly motivated to succeed in your new fundraising role and want to jumpstart and accelerate your fundraising career, this is for you.

Professional Assessments:
I will offer evidence-based professional assessment tools to help professionals tap into their potential and areas of strength, and embrace their unique leadership style.

Team Sessions:

I will design and facilitate team sessions and experiences for professionals and volunteer leaders in a collaborative fundraising and nonprofit environment.

Ann D., DC Area

My coaching experience with Tanja was fantastic! She provided tangible advice that I could directly apply to my work in my new fundraising role. She served as a strong confidant and professional ally, while helping me navigate challenges in my work and grow my confidence as a young professional in fundraising.

Leslie R., NY

Fundraising can be a lonely game. Tanja Sarett provides a depth and breadth of expertise with non-profits of all sizes and structures, which was critical to my getting through very difficult situations. Tanja is a voice of sanity, wisdom, positivity, and knowledge. She's generous with her time and attention, is a terrific listener and coach.

Cheryl T., WI

Tanja balanced the line very well between asking me questions to pull my own ideas out and providing guidance based on her experience.
She really empowered me to reflect on the skills and ideas that I already have.

Paley S., NY

Tanja's Fund Raise 4 Success Program helped me gain confidence in my new fundraising role, and as a woman in the workforce. Her mentorship is invaluable.