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.Online or onsite workshop to experience the power of Liberating Structures - an inclusive way to unleash the power of your team, tap into everyone's wisdom, and create a collaborative and team-centered nonprofit culture.


Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop

How to do experience the power and depth of Liberating Structures!


3-6. hrs


20 plus

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Liberating Structures Immersion Workshop is an experimental and interactive training to experience methods and facilitation techniques for your organization or company. It is designed as an in-person workshop as well as a virtual training.

Liberating Structures is the next big thing for organizations and companies tired of the same old meetings, gatherings, and events. Already spreading through the technology ecosystem, Liberating Structures are simple social techniques that distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups. Making waves in the United States and around the globe, and with a growing following in the Agile and Scrum worlds, Liberating Structures ignite the interest and energy of leaders and teams. 

Liberating Structures

  • distribute participation equally

  • unleash the power of the group and its members

  • address complex issues - yet fairly easy to learn

  • are scalable

  • powerful in person and in the virtual space

You Will Leave This Training With 

  • A variety of the most popular Liberating Structure methods

  • Ideas how teams and groups best work together

  • Hands-on and engaging tools for your teams, volunteers or donors

  • Skills to facilitate productive and meaningful meetings and gatherings

  • Confidence in changing your meeting dynamics

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