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I am here to design creative and effective solutions in partnership with you - solutions that are uniquely right for nonprofits, charities, NGOs, and grantmaking organizations. 

Synergies helps professionals and volunteer leaders increase innovation, effectiveness, and revenue through fundraising (major gifts, campaigns, donor engagement), transatlantic fundraising, virtual events and programs, facilitation, impact planning, staff and board training, and leadership coaching. 

New York City

​YOU = Organizations

  • Filled with a mindset of growth, vision and innovation

  • Eager to raise funds, identify prospects and donors, create engagement opportunities, and make the ask

  • Ready to plan for impact and growth


Tel Aviv

YOU = Charities Based in Europe & Israel

  • Ready to bring your programs to the United States and raise funds from US donors.

  • Excited to share your work and impact with U.S. funders and foundations.

  • Interested in maximizing your partnership with your organization's US. affiliate


DU = NGOs in den D-A-CH Ländern

  • Interessiert ein Fundraisingprogramm in den USA auszubauen oder zu starten

  • Auf der Suche nach internationalen und US Stiftungspartnern

  • Bereit mit Prospect Research US und globale Spender gezielt anzusprechen

Jewish Mother and Daughter

YOU = Jewish Community Organizations

  • Keen to expand fundraising efforts in a competitive market

  • Interested in creating solutions for different audiences in the community


  • Driven by a desire to develop relevant programming for your audiences

Individual Funder
Nonprofi & Foundation Professionals

YOU = Individual Funders & Foundations

YOU = Leaders & Professionals

  • Eager to collaborate with your grantees to achieve greater mission impact

  • Interested in expanding and strengthening your strategic grantmaking

  • Committed to investing in overall grantee capacity 

  • Inspired to succeed as an effective fundraising professional and leader

  • Passionate about learning and growing as a professional 

  • Committed to asking questions, seeking answers, and exploring solutions 

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