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15 Benefits Of Interactive Online Donor Events

Interactive online #donor cultivation and #fundraising events can move the needle for #nponprofits, #charities, #universities, and #colleges.

How can your online cultivation and fundraising events move the needle?

By putting your donors, prospects, and #alumni front and center. It’s all about virtual experiences that are donor-centered and intentional.

The hallmark of virtual donor-centered cultivation events is their intentional design as interactive and engaging experiences.

Thoughtfully designed online experiences are centered around effective and inclusive facilitation techniques that engage participants in the virtual space.

They take advantage of digital features (i.e., breakout rooms, video features, view options, participant features, presenter tools) to humanize the virtual environment and bring everyone together.

Put your donors, prospects, and alumni in the center of your online outreach strategy, and your online fundraising and cultivation programs can turn into energizing, engaging, meaningful, and memorable experiences for donors and funders.

Because: Interactive virtual event formats propel your fundraising forward. Let’s look at the 13 top benefits of making a commitment to shift from webinar-style events to interactive online events.

15 top benefits of interactive and engaging virtual donor and alumni cultivation experiences

  1. facilitate socializing while social-distancing

  2. build community

  3. create meaningful networking and peer-to-peer funder and alumni relationships

  4. deepen your relationships with your donors, prospects, and alumni

  5. empower your more introverted staff, donors, prospects, and alumni to connect with ease

  6. are inclusive: all of your guests and participants are part of the experience and engaged

  7. attract your busy and non-event going or loving donors, prospects, and alumni

  8. help you make your donors, prospects, and alumni feel special and valued

  9. make it easy and convenient for donors, prospects, and alumni to participate

  10. expand your geographic reach and audience

  11. are cost-effective

  12. tap into conversations that matter and your organization’s mission

  13. make your organization more valuable to donors, prospects, and alumni

  14. set your organization apart

  15. pave the road for future fundraising solicitations and funding partnerships

Explore, dive in, and don’t wait. The virtual space is here to stay and so are the opportunities of the online environment for fundraisers and organizational leaders. Enjoy the experience, be creative and bold, you'll have fun and your donor, prospects, and alumni will love it.

Tanja Sarett, MA, CFRE, CVF, is a global fundraising consultant, facilitator, and executive coach based in New York / New Jersey. She activates team-centered innovation and creative and synergistic solutions for visionary organizations and philanthropies. Tanja is an onsite and virtual facilitator, trainer and executive coach, an AFP Master Trainer and a 21/64 Multigenerational Giving Advisor. She brings to her work a wide range of collaborative and creative techniques from IDEO Design Thinking, Liberating Structures, the Technology of Participation, and the Agile community.

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