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Networking the spatial audio way

How to meet and mingle in a 360-degree soundscape

Spatial audio sites create real-life-like online events. Participants freely move around in a 360 degree soundscape. They interact and speak with others like onsite. The innovative spatial audio technology makes it possible.

The spatial audio platforms like SpatialChat are great for

  • happy-hours & networking,

  • donor cultivation,

  • showcasing your organization's impact,

  • collaboration,

  • asynchronous engagement.

How To Network In Pairs

1-Invite the participants to respond to a meaningful prompt/question.

2-Set a time (3-5 min) for each networking round. Upload a YouTube video timer.

3-Ask the participants to form a new pair. People inside the circle move to the right - people outside the circle stay

Spatial Audio Tips

Due to the nature of the sensitive spatial audio technology, convene the networking rounds in an open space. Don't design and pre-assign dedicated spots/placeholders for the participants.

Ask participants to move to the side if they find that they are too close to another pair and overhear their conversation.

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