Virtual and Onsite Trainings and Workshops.



Virtual Donor Cultivation Events

How to design meaningful virtual experiences online!


Interested in exploring live virtual alternatives to your thoughtfully crafted
in-person donor cultivation events? Then this interactive training is right for you: Virtual Donor Cultivation Events 

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2-Part Training on Zoom, Mural & Co with Liberating Structures.

In 2 facilitated live half-day (2.5 hrs.) engaging, fast-paced and fun training sessions you will dive into the "Liberating Structures" facilitation framework. 


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Working Virtually -Team Innovation  

How to do great things together when not everyone is in the room!

Virtually Working is a training designed to enhance your work as a remote team, or when you cannot get everyone in one room.


Playfully and imaginatively start to experience interactive, people-centric practices online with Liberating Structures. 

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Meeting Room

Board Meeting Design Workshop

How to facilitate and design virtual board meetings!

Experience how to design creative and engaging online board meetings when you cannot get everyone in one room.

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New York City



How to identify and connect with individual and foundation funders in the U.S.!

This workshop is a hands-on introduction to Prospect Research in the United States and the first step in building lasting funding partnerships.

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Liberating Structures 

An Immersion Workship to experience the power and depth of Liberating Structures!

An onsite immersion workshop!

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TBD post-Covid


Board Meeting Design Workshop

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