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Zoom Settings Not To Miss

You have become a Zoom regular and have hosted Zoom meetings on your desktop app. But do you know that there is an another Zoom world waiting for you on the Zoom website?

A world of additional Zoom meeting possibilities and features will open up for you on the Zoom website. Take control of your Zoom experience!

Because: Zoom offers two levels of account settings.

The basic setting is accessible via the downloaded desktop app; the advanced meeting settings to enable or disable meeting features are available on the Zoom web portal.

On the web portal, you'll find "Personal (User) Settings" as well as "Account (Group) Settings" – if features are locked – contact your IT department or Zoom Administrator.

The following settings are key to making your virtual donor cultivation event exclusive and to unlock all the interactive features in Zoom (additional settings are available on the web portal).

Introduction to the best Zoom settings behind the scenes!

Download this overview to guide you through the top Zoom website settings to make your meeting and event more inclusive, interactive, and effective. Learn, for example, how to

  • Customize your Waiting Room

  • Replace an automatically generated passcode with a personalized password

  • Customize Chat

  • Enable Co-Hosts

  • Turn on Whiteboards, Annotate, Remote Control

  • Turn on Nonverbal Feedback and Reactions

  • Turn on Breakout Rooms

  • Enable Closed Captions

Zoom Settings Not To Miss_Synergies in P
Download • 102KB

Remember to check for Zoom updates regularly!

Zoom regularly new releases, including meeting features and bug fixes. Your Zoom app does not automatically update. To install the latest Zoom version, click on your picture or icon in the Zoom app, and select "check for updates".

What is the risk of running and participating in a Zoom meeting on an outdated Zoom app? Not all the features will be available to everyone.

Tanja Sarett, MA, CFRE, CVF, is a global fundraising consultant, facilitator, and executive coach based in New York / New Jersey. She activates team-centered innovation and creative and synergistic solutions for visionary organizations and philanthropies. Tanja is an onsite and virtual facilitator, trainer and executive coach, an AFP Master Trainer and a 21/64 Multigenerational Giving Advisor. She brings to her work a wide range of collaborative and creative techniques from IDEO Design Thinking, Liberating Structures, the Technology of Participation, and the Agile community.


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