Bringing innovation to fundraising and philanthropy through facilitation, design thinking, and Liberating Structures.

"My passion is designing and sharing creative, effective, and
team-centered solutions with you:
fundraising professionals and organizational leaders.


It is my mission to help unleash your inner potential
and to boost your fundraising efforts.


I believe in tapping into new tools and opportunities
to successfully adapt to the changing 21st-century work
and fundraising environment”.


FUND RAISE 4 SUCCESS is a coaching program designed for highly motivated and growth-oriented nonprofit professionals new to fundraising and philanthropy at small and mid-sized organizations. 

If you are looking to thrive and excel in your new role, and committed to learning and growing, FUND RAISE 4 SUCCESS is for you.
Apply by July 6, 2021 to join the pilot cohort (space is limited). 


Work with an experienced fundraising professional and executive coach to 

  • embrace - and love - your new role in fundraising,

  • take ownership and set your professional goals,

  • overcome challenges with new responsibilities,

  • get ready for the fall fundraising season!

The Idea Behind The Pilot

Taking on a new role is exciting and daunting at the same time, in particular, in fundraising. I want to help nonprofit professionals who have recently moved into fundraising and new development leaders from other fields to quickly "feel at home" and get the support they deserve. 

This summer, I am inviting a small group of first-time fundraisers and development leaders to be part of the FUND RAISE 4 SUCCESS pilot program. My goal is to test the program with you - a group of colleagues - because testing is what we do in fundraising. We test fundraising ideas and capital campaign projects with our volunteer leaders, major donors, and key stakeholders to assure that our approach is effective.  

Starting out in Fundraising? 

Tap into the power of coaching
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FUND RAISE 4 SUCCESS Program Schedule

  • Introduction & goal setting call (45mins) 
    July 12-14


  • Four 1:1 coaching sessions by phone (50 mins) July 15-Aug 13

  • 1 group coaching session on Zoom (60 mins)
    Aug 16 or 17



Virtual Donor Cultivation Events
 fundraisers and nonprofit leaders to


  • cultivate donors, prospects, and alumni online,

  • build meaningful and memorable connections on Zoom and new Spatial Audio Sites, 

  • tap into innovation to deepen relationships,

  • transcend geographic boundaries and donors' busy schedules.


I am an international fundraising and philanthropy
consultant, facilitator, and executive coach who partners
with organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.


As a life-long learner and explorer of new opportunities,
I bring techniques and tools from IDEO Design Thinking, Liberating Structures, and the agile community

to the nonprofit world.


As a Certified Fundraising Executive,
AFP Master Trainer, Certified Executive Coach,
21/64 Multigenerational Giving Advisor -
and the founder of Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting,

I love what I do!  

  1. I've been where you are

  2. I have varied experience

  3. I've honed skills in key areas driving
    your mission


  4. I've done more with less, and then
    raised more money


  5. I can invest philanthropic dollars, too

  6. I have special global expertise

  7. I've worked with, and in, diverse
    and multicultural teams


  8. I believe in designing creative
    and team-centered solutions

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