Bringing innovation to fundraising and philanthropy through facilitation, design thinking, and Liberating Structures.


"My passion is designing and sharing creative, effective, and team-centered solutions with you:
fundraising professionals and organizational leaders.


It is my mission to help unleash your inner potential
and to boost your fundraising efforts.


I believe in tapping into new tools and opportunities
to successfully adapt to the changing 21st-century fundraising environment”.


TRAININGS 4 You and Your Teams

Tanja Sarett, CFRE

I am an international fundraising and philanthropy
consultant, facilitator, and executive coach who partners
with organizations in the U.S., Europe and Israel.


As a life-long learner and explorer of new opportunities,
I bring techniques and tools from IDEO Design Thinking, Liberating Structures, and the agile community

to the nonprofit world.


As a Certified Fundraising Executive,
AFP Master Trainer, Certified Executive Coach,
21/64 Multigenerational Giving Advisor -
and the founder of Synergies in Philanthropy Consulting,

I love what I do!  

8 Reasons to Work with me and

Synergies In Philanthropy Consulting:

  1. I've been where you are

  2. I have varied experience

  3. I've honed skills in key areas driving
    your mission


  4. I've done more with less, and then
    raised more money


  5. I can invest philanthropic dollars, too

  6. I have special global expertise

  7. I've worked with, and in, diverse
    and multicultural teams


  8. I believe in designing creative
    and team-centered solutions

The August Dates Are In:  August 4 and August 5: 12:00-1:30PM EST


How to design meaningful & engaging virtual experiences on Zoom 

Virtual Donor Cultivation Events is a training designed for fundraisers and organizational leaders who are looking for innovative ways to engage donors online and to create virtual donor experiences on Zoom.

In this training, I will introduce you to live virtual alternatives to your thoughtfully crafted in-person cultivation events where personal connections can be made and future giving decisions formed.


I will invite you to imagine new ways of involving your donors beyond webinars and video conferencing. And, I will show you how to actively engage your donors in the experience using powerful facilitation techniques, zoom breakout rooms, and chat.

Learn more and sign up on the event page via Eventzilla!


I was invited by Andreas Schiemenz, renowned German fundraising and philanthropy expert, to speak about these challenging times and its impact on fundraising.


Despite a lot of challenges around us, it is important to stay positive and to tap into new opportunities, and ways to connect. Use this time to deepen and build relationships with your key champions - your donors and your teams.

You can listen to the podcast in German here!


In this year's spring edition of the membership magazine of the German Fundraising Association, my German colleagues took a trip around the world to explore fundraising practices. 

I was invited by DRFV board member Miriam Wagner Long to share my experiences raising funds in the United States.

Find the article in German here!


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A Synergy- and Team-Centered Approach to Philanthropy to empower innovative, visionary nonprofits, funders, and professionals to
realize long-term impact. Blending consulting with facilitation, coaching and innovation to design effective and creative solutions. 

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