Working Virtually

How to do great things together when not everyone is in the room!


2. hrs

Virtually Working is a training designed to enhance your work as a remote team, or when you cannot get everyone in one room.


Playfully and imaginatively start to experience interactive, people-centric practices online with Liberating Structures*. Experience how to integrate new online practices that can achieve more in less time and get you to the outcomes and action steps needed to move forward.

Because: the virtual space is here to stay.


Strategically make an investment in today and the future as you continue to dive into the possibilities of making great things happen through online collaboration and meetings. And no, there is no Zoom-fatigue! People are simply tired of  Zoom meetings that are not engaging. Help your team to stay "checked-in" and help unleash the wisdom of your team members.

Learn how to end boring and unproductive online meetings that everyone complains about. Because virtual meetings are prone to 

  • staff checking-out because they are unengaged

  • lack of participation

  • not tapping into everyone’s brainpower 

  • making it harder to share and feel safe

You Will Leave This Training With 

  • A variety of the most popular Liberating Structure* methods

  • Hands-on and engaging tools for your online meetings

  • Alternatives to typical video conferencing

  • Skills to facilitate productive and meaningful meetings online

  • Confidence in changing your meeting dynamics

  • Ideas on how to invigorate your Zoom meetings 

  • Ideas on how to leverage Zoom breakout rooms and chat

*About Liberating Structures
Liberating Structures is the next big thing for organizations tired of the same old meetings, gatherings, and events. Already spreading through the technology ecosystem, Liberating Structures are simple social techniques that distribute participation more widely while drawing out greater difference and variation within groups. Making waves in the United States and around the globe, and with a growing following in the Agile and Scrum worlds, Liberating Structures ignite the interest and energy of leaders and teams.