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A Synergy and Team-Centered Approach to Philanthropy to empower innovative, visionary nonprofits, funders and professionals to realize long-term impact.

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Strategic Planning | Change Management | Needs Research and Assessment | Design Thinking | Facilitation | Team Building


Strategic Planning:

Guide the process of charting your course for the next several years to achieve a clear impact.


Change Management:
Support transitions due to external or internal factors by working with your stakeholders to plan and implement changes in programs, policies, procedures and systems.


Needs Research and Assessment:
Help you ensure that your organization is meeting current and future needs of your target population or service area, and that your mission continues to be relevant - or provide information that supports a shift in mission and programs.


Design Thinking:
Work with you to successfully and creatively solve problems, respond to needs and opportunities for innovation, and changes in environment. Apply the key elements of the IDEO design thinking process (from insights, observation and empathy to ideating, prototyping, iteration and implementation) to develop new programs, meet new needs, or launch a new organization.


Help you get results by holding focused and productive conversations and meetings. Facilitate meaningful participatory experiences based on the recognized Technology of Participation Methodology (ToP) and Liberating Structures that help generate consensus and groups explore, talk and collaborate.


Team Building:

Guide you and your staff to charter a process of building a cohesive team which is collectively responsible for achieving common objectives for your organization and takes ownership of your organization’s culture of philanthropy.