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Tanja Sarett, CFRE

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New York & New Jersey

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A Synergy and Team-Centered Approach to Philanthropy to empower innovative, visionary nonprofits, funders and professionals to realize long-term impact.

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​Synergies In Philanthropy (SIP) Consulting specializes in developing solutions that are uniquely right for you and your organization. 

Our approach to building capacity and maximizing impact for nonprofit organizations and grantmakers leverages and creates synergies between programming and mission, fundraising, PR, marketing, organizational management and leadership. 


Integrating these success drivers into effective strategies are key to building an organization’s capacity and to strengthening its profile and financial base. 


SIP Consulting expertise is in maximizing impact by effectively and seamlessly investing in this multi-layered approach and blending consulting with facilitation and coaching.  

These are the typical 3 steps in partnering with you:

1. Conversations: We take time to meet with you and your team to ask questions, to listen and learn so that we can best identify your needs.


2. Interest: When you are interested in moving forward, we outline different options for how we would be able to help you solve the issues you are facing. We propose what we will be doing together, and what steps we will be taking together to meet the goals.


3. Partnership: We finalize the proposal with you and enter a formal agreement that articulates clearer desired outcomes, a timetable, and key deliverables. Agreements and fees vary between project-based fees and retainers.